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picture-21.:Editor-in-Chief, head editorialist, and Creative genius:.

Affiliations: Infendo (2005-2007), Warcadia (2008-present), HardestLevel (2009-present)


  • Being honest and inflammatory in the same breath.
  • Impartial opinions and sensible usage of subjectivity in games writing.
  • Most types and genres of games
  • Fútból and tennis games
  • Remote/nunchuk gameplay, when it’s good
  • PS3 better than Wii, at the moment


  • “Snark” humor
  • The trite, selfish, overly subjective and partisan style of most games writing on fansites.
  • The fanboy disclaimer – where a games writer admits to playing favorites or having a soft spot for a particular company in an attempt to get away with being a knob jockey for said company.
  • People who take issue with Jack Thompson and similar industry topics of non-importance under the pretense of nerd righteousness (gaming isn’t going anywhere, assholes).
  • “Games as art” defenders
  • Geek/pop culture

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Rollin’s always been a whiny little bitch…Joystiq


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