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the Purpose

Hello, we’re Intendo! Glad you could join us, we’re delighted to have you. Wouldja like a jelly donut? I’ve got blueberry or raspberry cream. Pick your poison.

Ok, let’s get down with the get down.

We are Nintendo fans here, each and every one of the editors. But thing is, Nintendo fucks up. More than most like to admit, and we realize that. Hey i get it, you probably have grown up on Mario and Yoshi and Link and all that good stuff— so have we. But it’s been 2+ decades since the NES. Surely you’ve got some sense in you by now than to continue pledging allegiance to the flag of the Mushroom Kingdom. Fansites, we’re talking to you. Stop it. You can be a fan without grazing your knees.

Loyalty aside, the Nintendo of today is not the Nintendo of years past, yet in so many ways it still is — arrogance, disregard for the real gamers, et cetera. Therefore, we’ve tasked ourselves with being Nintendo’s new, acting conscience until they find where their own went. We understand, this is a business, but the consumers — us — are not supposed to be reminded of that at every turn by some talking heads with sales graphs. It’s sad, but Nintendo’s newfound riches and spoils have clouded their vision and caused them to be a negligent parent to those they’ve been raising ever since the 80’s. Passing us over for relatives and girlfriends? Not cool, Reggie. Not cool.

Anyway, we try to be intelligent with our analysis and criticism, but that’s often not the case. If you can help us out in that department, it would be greeaaat. We lack overzealous bias for Nintendo or any other hardware manufacturer, so i hope you’ll at least appreciate that. Also, we give everybody a fair shake and we love to hear what you think as well. We don’t like seeing our faces planted all over the comments, either. Don’t be too shy to drop a few words. It’s an exchange of ideas and opinions, this blog thing.

And for the brainwashed masses who don’t wanna be bothered, resume thine acts of worship, lest we break your trance. We’re only here to save you. No big deal.


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