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Miyamoto barred from sharing personal life

December 23, 2008

I picked this up a bit late (it’s hard catching up on neglected feeds), but i’ll run with it anyway.

In August, it was revealed that Nintendo no longer permitted Mr. Shiggs Miyamoto-san to offer details of his personal hobbies and habits to the press and public. It came as a result of Shiggs pastimes becoming Nintendo hits, most of which he openly discussed with the media prior to the respective games’ development (Pikmin, Wii Music, Nintendogs).

As you may or may not know, Shiggs is essentially a dutiful slave to Nintendo corporate, still living off a supervisor’s salary while Reggie and Iwata get loaded off his hit ideas. That explains this weird-but-understandable business decision, and also why the man is in his mid-50s and still has no retirement plans.

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  1. January 1, 2011 8:27 pm

    Funny how fun pasttimes make great games.

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