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For once, Apple mirrors Nintendo

December 22, 2008

Wow, who’da thought. Then again, it’s more of a fanman story than the company itself, but let’s assess the situation.

If you follow Apple news, you’d know that next year’s Macworld Expo is surprisingly Apple’s last showing at the press gathering they’ve attended for 25 years running. Ironic to me since it’s the Macworld Expo, but hey, i’m not in the industry. The matter seems to be that many fans are upset (and quietly seething) about this, howling that Apple has turned their backs on the user/fanbase that has devoutly followed them to [wherever the expo is held] for 25 years. The decision seems to have been made on behalf of the fact that Apple is so goddamn huge now in the public consciousness that they can hold any event at anytime they damn well please.

With this move, Apple – a company which makes endearing products that attach to consumer’s hearts and minds like metroids, sucking out any surviving tolerance for Windows – has effectively farted on their fanpeople’s heads. A move that always sends the followers into a rage.

Its-a me! Corporate America!

Game industry adherents know this as the Nintendo Syndrome. At this year’s E3, Nintendo produced a lowlight of a presentation with Shaun White’s Snowboarding and Wii Music as the cornerstones of their keynote. They were hot, selling consoles to men, women, and dogs alike, yet they decided, “fuck you guys, we’ll show you when we wanna,” and held off on making any significant reveals til later in the year, on their own clock. Of course, Nintendo was on the Path of Betrayal long before that, but the similarity here is uncanny.

To remind all the fanmen and fanwomen out there and paraphrase what Jim said: They’re a corporation, stupids.

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