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A Magic Wallet for Games

December 19, 2008

In the midst of this economic downward spiral, corners must be cut to accommodate the financial pinch. Folks are still spending, but spending more carefully. They are doubtless clipping coupons, buying in bulk, and digging up their couch coins and heading for the Coinstar machines.

But while the auto industry and electronics chains start to go belly-up, one industry chugs along full steam in spite of the economic woes— the video game industry.

Incredibly, despite all the other financial malady, video game sales are outpacing sales from the previous year in 2008. In other words, people are still buying games no matter how budget conscious they have become with their other expenditures. Personally, I haven’t been buying very many games lately, but that’s only because I have no job to afford them with. But I’ll blame the recession, why not.

Do you have a recession-proof ‘magic wallet’ for your gaming purchases? Is it too much of a sacrifice for you to make? Or have you had to reluctantly restrict your gaming obsession to pay your rent?

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