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The Desperate Struggle for good Wii games

October 11, 2008

In a world where a system’s quality software is coming out so sparsely, you’re kinda bound to announce your sequels this quickly, possibly under pressure from the console maker. And hence, No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

Apart from the short trailer, there’s almost nothing else to digest about this announcement. What keeps us at almost is the news that Europe will see 2 versions of the game when it drops: bloody and bloodless. That works for Germany. They’re not really fond of the gory stuff, which might somehow in some way be related to how incredibly neat and clean they seem to be. At least those are their politically correct tendencies, which are in my view a result of worldwide peer pressure and shame placed upon them for their history.

Suda also implies that the main difference between this and the first NMH is… the outfits. Guy’s a genius in psycho’s clothing, i’m telling you. Oh, ok maybe it is a little more than ‘almost nothing,’ but the man also said that they decided to forget their initially planned 360 version because the graphical power they wanted to get from it is rendered unnecessary by Wii’s room for improvement.

Sucks that Bill isn’t around this year to tell us about TGS first-hand. Oh well. Trailer after the leap.

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