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October 10, 2008

Not sure how many of you have heard of It’s a sorta new social gaming site with a very slick layout. I know the comparison has been made before — or rather, the desire has been expressed before — but it’s like MySpace for gaming. As such, it has lots of cool features for keeping your little gaming circle up-to-date on every single thing that goes on with your gaming alter-ego. And it goes way beyond your little freeboards forum profile, believe me.

For starters, you have the profile page. It’s just as feature filled as MySpace is, and laid out even more nicely. It’s packed, but clean. Prominently displayed are your info (picture, name, about, a/s/l, fave game, online status), the games you’re currently playing, and in my case, your PS3 Trophies. Secondary fields include your all-time favorite games, friend network, groups/clans, online IDs, and gaming setup, followed by the Web 2.0 standard video/photo galleries and comment section. After you’ve got your profile set up, you can then add games to it, add platforms, or add trophies, etc. Adding trophies is kinda hard since you have to look at your trophy list on your PS3 and add them individually from a drop down menu, but Playfire lists each and every trophy along with its accompanying icon and full description, which i found to be surprisingly dedicated of them. Would help to somehow sync with your PSN ID (too much to ask, i know), but the fact that their trophies are exact replicas of the ‘real’ thing makes it a touch easier.

Adding games to your profile is probably the funnest part of creating your account. It makes you think back to what tickled your pickle throughout your life, and posting them is like wearing badges of your experiences with them, which lets others know that you are the right person to talk to about said games. And don’t worry— no matter how abstract you think that game is/was, they’ll have it with box art in tow. Once you add a game, clicking on it will lead you to its page. Here you’ll find its forum, its top contributors, list of people who have it, list of those currently playing it, news, pictures & video, user reviews, and user ratings. One of the cool things about your game list is that you can take a quiz which generates random, user-submitted questions about the games you own. Once it runs out of games you have it asks you about other games, but if you have a beefed-out list, it’ll last a while. Fun way to see how much you retained from each game, and probably useful for remembering the plotline of an old game in a series.

The community seems robust as hell, with thousands and thousands of members updating and contributing content all the time. There are a ton of clans and groups, most importantly this one. Please join it. Try Playfire for yourself and tell us how you like it.

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  1. October 11, 2008 5:02 pm

    I might give that a try. I’m gonna check out that clan 😛 –Free Online Games

  2. October 23, 2008 3:24 am

    Want to bring more TRAFFIC to your MYSPACE PROFILE?

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