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Lost in Blue 2, or gaming whilst unemployed

October 10, 2008

So the company I was working with ran out of money.  I blame the US economic crisis, namely those two goons fanny and freddy, and the brothers lehman.  Allayou, I hold ya responsible.

However, my unemployment has given me the opportunity to play and finish some games on my backlog.  Indigo Prophecy was one of the best narrative driven games I have ever played…until it jumped the shark towards the end, KOTOR II style. I have also been playing crysis, just barely, on a computer I’ve upgraded with 2 gigs of RAM.  It’s fun so far, especially when the gooks start talking funny. “Come out you Amereekan dog! I keeel you!”

But the revelation of unemployment so far is Lost in Blue 2, which I’ve been hammering away at for quite some time now.  Initially it turned me off because the time management aspect seemed awry and I always ended up too tired to stray too far from our cave, in which we (as in me and the girl that washed up on shore on a deserted island) eat, sleep, and presumably fuck like wild animals at night.  Hey, what else are you gonna do right?  But when you figure out the logic of the game it stats to open up, and I have so far built beds with leaves and logs, have killed 4 wolves and found out that their bow and arrow mini game is shit, and am now in the process of building a treehouse.

It’s the little discovery rewards that keep you playing the game.  For example, when I killed the aforementioned wolves, 3 things would spill out of their carcass: Lard, wolf meat, and fur.  After finding a concave stone you can use for cooking, the girl suddenly figures that we can use the lard for frying food, which greatly fills up your hunger meter.  The flipside is that these events are triggered by finding certain items, and they’re not always that easy to find.  I had been to the area which contained the concave stone for quite a few times before discovering it, and I now have 4 wolf furs that I have no idea what to do with because I haven’t stumbled upon the trigger event yet.

Regardless, it’s a fun little game and a genre that certainly could use a lot more love.  I think there’s a wii version coming up soon, so that may be something to look forward to.

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