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Nintendo porting GameCube classics, appending Wii controls

October 3, 2008

Now in Wiidescreen

It’s probably more accurate to say “replacing” the original controls with Wii controls, but you get the idea. Nintendo, at their conference ea(rrr)rly yesterday, announced that a hefty part of the GameCube’s charisma, aka first party titles, will be making their way to Wiis everywhere by way of these budget-priced enhanced ports. They’ll go under the banner of “Play on Wii Selection.” The extent to which they’ll be adding Wii controls could go either way, but we do know that Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat will use the remote/nunchuk instead of the bongos, which is convenient but self-defeating. Take it from someone who actually hit zen with Donkey Konga and still has his set of bongos intact.

Luke Plunkett muses on a widescreen Wind Waker with TP-like, remote controlled bow and grapple aiming. Would be nice, but that’s the last game that needs to be made easier. Prices, titles and dates aren’t quite set yet, but DK: Jungle Beat will be ready for the Japanese on November 11. Other titles named so far include Pikmin 1 & 2, Metroid Prime 1 & 2 (you’re welcome, frisby), and Chibi Robo, almost all of which (barring Pikmin 2) i still have in, you know, GameCube format.

You know, people kinda clamored for this back in the earlier Wii days where there wasn’t much on offer and they saw some sense in rebuying Cube games with Wii controls, since it seemed easy to do what with RE4Wii and all. But at this point, we’re kinda past that. GameCube discs are, last i checked, still functioning on Wii hardware. Or maybe they’re preparing for that Wii HD.

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  1. frisby permalink
    October 5, 2008 3:02 am

    Twilight Princess was only the beginning.

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