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The Best fad stupidity can Buy

September 28, 2008

I recently fell back into Warhawk just by chance, cause it’s one of only two games that i can launch seamlessly into from Home. That only reacquainted me with the game, since Home launching into Warhawk resets my machine. Eventually i gave up on Home and just went straight to WH to see what the latest update had done to this once-legendary, once-fun game, and ended up sticking around. It was, once again, enjoyable. But i haven’t had a solid (didn’t like GTA that much) single player adventure in the past 14 or so months, and started hankering to delve deep into some fantasy adventure shit dolo.

This led me and the woman to Best Buy (86th) yesterday, where she picked up a guitar and i went in search of Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition. This game surely wasn’t gonna let me down. It also will never be completed, but with no school till the Winter there’s time aplenty. Before i found it though, i strolled through the Wii section and found this treasure trove of accessories for the fad-inclined.

It was astounding. Wii Fit String Bag, Wii Fit Pouch for i dunno what, Wii Fit head and wrist bands, Wii Fit Spray Fan, and Wii Fit Fitness Journal. Fitness… Journal. What the holy fuck is all this? Listen, forget everything else about this casual explosion and the Wii Fit craze and all. If any of these things are ever bought, even if not for the purpose of using them in tandem with Wii Fit, we should start the countdown for 2012 right the hell now.

Nintendo’s branding has made peripherals out of these non-peripherals and now you, the public, has to suffer. Don’t be duped, you fools. As we went to pay for my game-crack, we were once again assaulted with Wii Fit crap on the final turn towards the registers. I am definitely back in America.

Now we’ve got water bottles, towels, and some green inflatable toilet seat/suitcase(?) looking thing. You might think you’re done with your purchases, but Best Buy certainly doesn’t.

What has the industry come to?…

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  1. October 10, 2008 10:19 pm

    Oblivion’s one of those great games that just won’t go away. I’m in the middle of the main quest, after months of doing random shit, becoming the champion of the arena, and fighting my way to the top of the fighter’s guild. I figure I’ll finish it jsut in time for Fallout 3, upon which I will spend another 3 years playing Bethesda’s latest masterpiece.

  2. October 11, 2008 12:17 am

    Main quest? I thought i was on the main quest doing all that shit! Actually i don’t really know what im doing in the game, i just know i’m liking it a lot. Got almost as much personality in it as i do in real life, too.

    Definitely gonna cop Fallout when i’m halfway done with Oblivion. In about 6 years.

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