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MegaMan 9 is hilariously difficult and i love it

September 26, 2008

Most games are fairly easy. Some games are stupid hard. Stupid hard like dick-stupid, impossibly fuckin’ hard AI nightmare. MegaMan 9 is neither of these— MegaMan 9 is frustratingly hysterical.

I just got through, i should say, gave up on the MegaMan 9 demo for PS3. In my less than 5 minutes of play, i learned a few things. First, it’s absolute, nostalgic comic genius to make a game in the modern day using 8-bit sensibilities. And.. that’s about all you need to say of it. Sounds, plays, and looks like i’m a child again; a baby at that. This is fan service that goes beyond fan service, in that it ropes in any ol’ body who was conscious and aware of Nintendo in the 80s (that pretty much means everybody) and says to them, “hey, remember this?” in such as way as to conjure up fuzzy warm memories from your younger youth.

It’s gut-bustingly funny how they just pissed in the general direction of all things next-gen and Unreal Engine 3 and went flat-out retrogressive on everybody and everything. The text boxes are as minimalist as ever. The subtitles in the cutscenes take forever to complete sentences and little consideration in grammar. The images in the cutscenes tend to remain static for several lines of dialogue, as well as a character’s face regardless of varying emotions. The sounds and music are far from Dolby Digital 7.1, and the Cell processor can run these graphics with the PS3 off. The presentation here is really spectacular.

The gameplay is harder than a nether region inflicted with the blue pill, and even that had me dying (in more ways than one). In my own (passive-aggressive?) way, i just laughed it off and quit the demo. I don’t take well to difficulty. It’s kinda like when people first started making fun of 80s pop culture on VH1. Looking at this in the modern day is just funny as balls. The whole thing’s just a big in-joke for the gaming culture.

In the 5 or so minutes i spent exploring all the crevices of the demo, i laughed my retro ass off, and so will you. Available on WiiWare, PSN, and Live Arcade for 10 bucks if you want it.

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  1. September 27, 2008 3:08 pm

    Downloading now. This is what New SMB’s should have been like. THIS is what the Warioland Fanbois should acknowledge and returning to old style of game play.

    Making games turned into making them better graphicly over making them BETTER. SNES was the last Console we really needed in that respect.

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