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RE-make becomes a RE-hash for Wii-make

September 24, 2008

Capcom sure love them their ports. They ported over RE4 pretty fast, and Okami came along eventually. Then some of the other REs made their way to Japanese Wiis. But the one that really started the “mature” push on the GameCube, the remade Resident Evil 1, aka the only other Cube RE that mattered (besides Zero), is finally coming around to a Wii port. I say finally because there’s a hunchback in Tuscany somewhere who to this day hasn’t been able to get his claws on one of the 47 other releases of RE 1.

Great game, but seriously. Capcom now pretty much exclusively makes nothing but Mega Man, Street Fighter, RE, and Bionic Commando. I would advise them to stop revisiting their old games this way, but i’m not a shareholder. Just… try not to jump that shark up there. It bites.

It’s been a long time since the Capcom 5, hasn’t it?

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