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Sony launches to the beat of a Hyrule drum in Malaysia

September 22, 2008

Ok fanmen, it really wasn’t that serious. Let’s stop acting like Sony should drop out of the games business because somebody played a rival company’s game’s theme song for 8 seconds at an event when presenting some regional nobody to the stage. I’m sure what happened here was either a joke, or somebody said “fuck do they know?” and just went on about their launch business.

Apparently they did know, seeing as the crowd giggled for some reason, but that’s all this was good for. A giggle. Nobody walked out on them because of it. It’s not the same as, say, Nintendo falling comfortably back into their dictator role less than two years post-launch without batting an eyelash and squashing your nostalgia at every turn. Personally i think that’s something that more deserves being cried about.

Laugh if you’re a fanboy, chuckle if you aint.

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