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Leipzig diary – day 1

August 21, 2008

(Written live from Leipzig. As you can see, the second half of the first sentence turned out to be bullshit.)

I’m here on the show floor, typing with the WordPress iPhone app on the only unlocked wifi signal in the whole convention. I’ve taken lotsa pics, seen a buncha games, and even tried some(!). It’s not that crazy here, but there are loads of people, 4pm local time. The devs from Media Molecule (LBP) are staring at me here in the PlayStation sector of Halle 3. I guess they wanna be interviewed.

To be honest this is a lot like Digital Life. Anyone can just waltz in and play. Lotta families and young kids here. The fact that there are so many PC and peripheral companies also adds to that ambiance; not what I expected from the E3 usurper. There are tons of good games here though, most popular of which being COD World at War, god knows why.

I recorded an interview with the producer of Playstation Home and got a lot of details from him. As much as he would give me. But funny iPhone, I took a break inbetween to gather my questions and the 2nd part recorded over the first. I’m a genius, yes? Don’t even know how to get these off the phone, but I got em.

I would be playing Killzone right now, but it’s age restricted and I don’t have a passport. Smart. Facial hair is no ID, remember that. Ok, my woman is pissed as hell to be here, so I’ma try to get some time in with stuff like LBP before we call it a day, if the “Flying Steps” b-boy crew lets me. Hour and a half left. Pictures soon. Chuch.

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  1. August 24, 2008 7:21 pm

    LBP set up makes me salivate. Too bad about your girl 😦

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