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Gearing up for Leipzig: Running behind

August 12, 2008

Flight’s in 2 days. The Games Convention starts on the 20th or so. Since i’m not officialy registered as press there (slight mishap with my people calling their people, i’m sure), we’re gonna be there during the exhibition days of the 21st through the 24th. So, no press conferences for me. 😦 That’s gonna lead to an ironic situation of me getting info for the event i’m attending from American publications. Maybe i’ll run into a Kotakuite and “network” to obtain secondhand intel. Maybe i can convince them to write for intendo! Maybe i’m delirious and should go back to bed, it’s only 12-freakin-30 in the noon.

I’m not clear on how their day/evening schedules play out. When i went to Digital Life a couple years ago, they had day and evening sessions but i don’t remember how that worked. We left before the day session ended because it was so damn boring. Intuition tells me the GC won’t be quite as mundane. I’m hoping that four-day ticket will cover all hours of the day, and it’d better for 60 bucks. More than that, i hope they don’t get overbooked or something. It’d be a shame to go all that way and build up expectations, only to be left stranded outside the doors trying to bribe a massive Bavarian beast-man who has you in a headlock.

I should pack my things.

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