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John Carmack takes a Rein check on Wii development

August 9, 2008

The difference between id Software’s John Carmack and Epic’s Mark Rein is that Carmack isn’t a bastard (Rein’s a bastard with reason). John actually has good things to say about Wii, and even plays it and DS with his kids. But while he enjoys the products, he and Rein share a similar opinion of Nintendo consoles from a developer’s side.

The Wii is one of those markets where Nintendo owns both the hardware and the software, but part of that is because they make such damn good products. So it’s the toughest platform for third party developers. We don’t have a software or content base ideally suited for it. So it doesn’t really play to our strengths and we’re pretty busy with other stuff right now. I’m thrilled that Nintendo has had this kind of success because they took some risky bets, and it’s always nice some bold thinking pay off for them. But I don’t think we’ll be on the platform.

Sugarcoat it how you want, but the song remains the same.

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  1. September 7, 2008 2:57 am

    This is also a guy who’s invented techniques that changed the way game graphics were done… like 6 times. When you’re involved on that level, while what he says is true, I suspect there’s also a desire to develop on a system that you can beat the fuck out of.

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