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Raking the leaves, folding laundry

August 8, 2008

Hello! I am Rollin. This is Intendo. Intendo is sparse. It’s happened before, it’s happening now. Hey! Don’t fret! Intendo is busy. Busy not doing anything blogworthy. And if it is, it’s busy not blogging about it. So! Videogame journalism(?)! Intriguing, yes?

Hope i got your attention, just wanted to show a sign of life. I know we suck. Mostly me since i run this thing, but shit, there aint much to say about Nintendo these days. Let me give you a little insight into my life in recent times. I’ve been playing a lot of PS3 lately. I haven’t even seen my Wii since i got an HD set a couple months back. The PSN is my best male friend (of course it’s a male). Once firmware 2.4 hit last month, i’ve been nothing but trophies and in-game messages.

Pixeljunk Eden is a thing of wonderment and stupefaction, and only Eden could make me pull that word out of the thesaurus. Frisby knows what i’m talking about. Please do yourself and me a favor and don’t play the co-op with someone who is far worse at it than you, especially if they’re your love partner– Dualshocks will break. Uncharted just got trophies, and now i’m on that; pretty game. Animations are a little stuttery, and the dialogue is straight out of a typical, camped-out Hollywood action flick. But from the 90s. Early 90s, at that. The action, locales and gritty-prettiness save it. Call of Duty 4 is as solid as ever, but only with private deathmatches in the Killhouse. How very specific. The Home beta application for US PSNers went live today, Warhawk will be getting trophies at some point this month, and the Socom beta goes live the first week of September. The PSN is saucy right now.

What else, what else… A little about the site. Lately, to compensate for school/work and PS3 activity, we’ve become sort of a news blog, which was never our aim. I’m sorry about that, personally. We want to foster community and discussion again. No matter how trivial or unimportant, we wanna hear all you have to say just to grease our wheels and get crackin’ once more. It’s really important for me to do that now, because believe it or don’t, i’m going to be on location in Germany a week from today, covering the Games Convention in Leipzig, our first trade show. I’m gonna need people to relay information to. If you haven’t been keeping up on other blogs, Leipzig is turning out to be what E3 wished it was. There’s gonna be conferences from many major players, most notable of which being Sony (Nintendo skipped, remember?). There’s gonna be developers. There’s gonna be games. Lots’a those.

Now i’m not promising you that i’m gonna find out what Shiggs thinks of Federer’s impending rank demotion, but i will try to ask as many people as i can as many questions as i can. And of course, playtests and impressions galore. Best of all, pictures galore. Fuck galore– pictures up the yang. So please, tune your radios to and stay there. I’m accepting ideas for what you’d like to see from there, what type of coverage, etc. Post your questions and ideas and i’ll make a list, checking it no less than thrice. This is a big deal. I just wish i coulda told you all sooner, so that i wouldn’t have felt so stupid saying “you all” just now.

Other stuff: We tried attaining a domain for Intendo, but wouldn’t you know it, every possible domain you could attach to intendo and call it a URL, is taken. Unless there’s a “.do” domain out there i’m not aware of, it looks like we’re gonna have to stay bound to WordPress’ URL. And hell, why not? Like we deserve a domain anyway. Suggestions would be nice. Another thing: What are we gonna do about this Wii thing? Honest question– what was the last time you guys have used it?

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  1. August 8, 2008 6:52 pm

    It is sad to say that the Wii has potential, but nothing can be fully taken advantage of due to the hardware limitations. While it’s controls are great, the system is too weak to really do anything impressive besides play PS2 games with motion and pointing.

    The VC is really what I use the Wii for and WIi ware has potential, but the HDD or lack there of is what is really killing me.

    The PS3 is spoiling me to death. The VC and Wii Ware fun is being delivered with the PSN while trophies are totally fueling my need to press the PS button to ignite my PS3. With plenty of HDD space for demos and d/l-able games I would have to say the system is worth its money just for its VgOD (Video Games on Demand). I feel like if the same VC and Wii Ware games where on PSN my Wii be played even less than it already is if not at all.

    My wife plays Dr Mario online often. We played Bubble Bobble night before last… I can honestly say I doubt I will ever buy an actuall Wii game ever again… well… maybe no more heros…

  2. August 8, 2008 9:16 pm

    Not much Wii action over here either. Actually, I played Elebits for the first time for about an hour the other day. My friend gave it to me he hated it so much. I didn’t find it to be TOO awful. Rock Band and GTAIV on 360 still get most of my limited game time.

  3. August 11, 2008 12:03 pm

    You’re going to Leipzig?! you bastard.

  4. August 11, 2008 1:26 pm

    Y’all can come with. 🙂

  5. August 29, 2008 11:39 am

    Not much Wii use for a long time here also…

    I’d say, switch to DS-only coverage for this blog!

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