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E3 2008 – Super Tuesday

July 15, 2008

Microsoft blew their load on Monday, but later on this morning, Nintendo and Sony will let the letfover fireworks out with their E3 media briefings.

Nintendo’s already let the world know of their Wii MotionPlus, something i, surprisingly, can’t spin negatively. If you missed it, it’s an accessory that plugs into the ass of your Wii remote and finally provides 1:1 motion cadence between you and your on-screen actions. Nifty, unexpected, and damnit, i’m almost proud of the Large N.

The question remains: will all those mediocore-controlling titles from the past benefit from the seemingly perfect precision of the Wii MotionPlus? Either way, seeing as this is not for the casual at heart, it’s safe to say that at least future games with the hardcore in mind will just assume that you’ve bought one of these and make damn sure it’s utilized.

Nintendo’s already made this E3 more exciting than their last, shutting some critics up on the path, but their briefing is later this morning. Let’s hope there’s at least one more thing, though quite frankly, they’ve already shown enough. I don’t quite think they’ll have a new DS to show, but it’s as likely as anything else i guess. They’re scheduled to potentially blow some minds at 11:30am ET time. Phone home if you have to.

Sony’s on tap a few hours after Nintendo at 2:30 pm ET. What do they have to show for themselves?

Now that Microsoft wraggled FF VIII’s exclusivity from the PS3 with “massive damage dollars” for a multi-platform release (well, everywhere except Japan, aka, where it counts), Sony’s gonna have to re-emphasize their first-party efforts in a big big way.

That should be easy. Sony’s still got the richest well of in-house content coming to their 3rd PlayStation, vastly more than Microsoft or Nintendo. Expect them to make a strong point of this. Home will assuredly be center stage at some point, with Trophies, Video on Demand, PSN and PSP bringing up the rear. Maybe a throwaway announcement of the Warhawk 1.4 update and the PS3 greatest hits lineup will round things out. I don’t have many clues as to what other surprises they might bring, but i hope there’ll be plenty. The PS Store will have daily updates this week, so keep up with all your E3 trailers, demos and other goods in HD.

You can catch the conference streams here, or liveblog coverage on Joystiq or Kotaku. But come back here to discuss! Happy E3!

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