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Darwin – Xbox 360’s casual theory

July 15, 2008

Have you heard of Microsoft’s answer to the Wii remote? Sure you have. But we here haven’t been keeping up with every ounce of news on it, since it’s surely bound to fail epicly. Cynical, am i? Or 360 hater? Perhaps… Wii fanboy???!?

Neh. Just watch that video and tell me your interest is piqued. (Nevermind the production value. Public access television would be proud.) I dare you. Look at them dudes swinging that thing around and tell me you want in. Then, watch the next two below and try to keep your lunch down.

Video impressions: One cool thing, and i mean the one and the only cool thing about this controller, is that the two parts are wirelessly independent. After that, they look pretty basic and a little clunky. The cylindrical shape might be good ergonomically, but let’s see how different hand sizes handle it. The way the thing looks when both parts are connected just looks wrong, especially when you consider that both parts have a load of buttons on them. Though time might tell that the selection of buttons on the Darwin are the sweet spot for casually hardcore games that the rest of us gamers out on the fringe are into.

The games demoed in these videos show that this controller, so far, is doing the same as the Wii remote in that it replaces digital inputs with motion gestures. What we want is 1:1 control and interaction, and guess who’s doing that

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