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Nintendo’s mEh3 Sneak Peek

June 27, 2008

Can anyone make Wii go away? Can Nintendo do it? They can try, right?

As I am sure these are not the only 2 (weak) Wii games Nintendo plans to present at E3 (if it is I wouldn’t be too surprised or even disappointed), here is what you get on the Wii side of things as a E3 fourplay from Nintendo.

A Wario Platformer on par graphically with most Flash based games…and a Mario Franchise Sports game (I call it Mario Super Shruggers) that for some reasone I thought came out already. *Yawn*

I don’t know how I missed the hype machine over these games. Didn’t someone somewhere get so excited over these amazing titles that they risked their job and leaked a screen? No? No one?

To show my enthusiasm…here is my description of the Wii games. Some Wario game that is like any other Mario platformer BUT you shake the Wiimote to do obscure things. The other game is like Wii Sports Baseball but has characters from the Mario universe.

So “core gamers”…are you teased yet. Put down you GTA4 and MGS4 and any other great franchise sequels you can’t play on your underpowered and under…spaced Wii because golly, those nerd lovers at Nintendo want you to be so excited.

For fun, try to read this article from Infendo, but read it the whole time making raunchy sucking noises and add a “golly,” “gosh” and “jeepers” in as much as possible.

It gets really awesome when one of the blogs Fanmen flame this guy who says the pre E3 titles are lame.

Quote of the day….week…or whenever we pick another good quote:

Ok, I see bringing up the obvious weaknesses in Nintendo was a bad idea when in the company of fanboys… (YOU THINK?)

FACT: Niether of the two Wii games mentioned are worth the 12.5 gallons of gas (@ $4) you could have instead of buying these games.

Lets hope Nintendo blows our nerdy minds at E3 with something eslse… because lately all they do is blow.

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  1. June 30, 2008 9:34 pm

    Fanmen never fail to amuse me. Never.

    You know what else doesn’t cease to amaze? The fanmen’s propensity for equating cute-n-cuddly, toony franchises (Nintendo or otherwise) with the word “fun”. Wario and Kirby “bring the fun”? Do they? I don’t recall the last time a Wario platformer or Kirby game of any regard got recognition. Kirby’s most recent acclaim came with Canvas Curse, and Wario’s last hurrah was Warioland 2 or some such monochrome Game Boy title. Why does it smell like nostalgia in there? Or better yet, like the fanmen are being their typical insecure selves and treating these C+ list franchises that most never play like film nerds do indie films– things us common folk aren’t learn-ed enough to appreciate.

    Seems people are falling back on the E3 surprise announcement cushion, too. I don’t see Nintendo having a blockbuster E3 this year, internet-wise. Maybe they’ll have something to extend the appeal of the balance board and remote, but the days of fanmen being glued to their monitors at school/work/home during Nintendo’s E3 keynote are over for the time being. Sad, since i used to be one of said glued fanmen. E3 2006 will be the last of its kind for Nintendo for a while.

  2. July 1, 2008 1:46 am

    I am just tired of all of the Guitar Hero and Rockband news. I feel like every feed I have on games wants me to care about a game that just gets SOOOO boring to me. In fact tonight my friend pushed it on me. I need to write a post on this….

  3. April 8, 2009 3:54 pm

    Jaded much? Please get over your hate for Nintendo and their lack of interest in your rant.Entertaining though.

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