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the Conduit: one rebellious game versus the status quo

June 17, 2008

Before this was known to be a game, developer High Voltage Software showed off its proprietary graphics engine to promote the development of grittier, PS360-style games on Wii. It would then seem that HVS is a friend of ours in at least trying to break the Wii mold. Soon after unveiling their engine,Quantum3, they backed up their intentions by showing us a title of their own that will be debuting it: the Conduit.

I’m gonna spare you the plot details, but it has something to do with aliens and the White House. This is what’s keeping me from endorsing these guys wholeheartedly. However, their intentions are good and noble, and the game itself, apart from its story, is also ambitious (for a Wii game).

• At least three modes for online play. Offline play is single-player. LAN multiplayer likely (no split-screen). Online voice chat is being worked on.
• Enemies use portals to bring in reinforcements; destroying them will be a key.
• Set in fictional Earth of the near future, the story takes on a dark conspiracy-theory tone that unravels pretty fast after you get sent to investigate an extra-terrestrial encounter. Think the X-Files with stranger weapons.
• There’s only ONE mini-game in the entire game (!)

Fascinating. The story and other details, as well as the trailer, make it seem like a cross between Destroy All Humans!, Metroid Prime Hunters, and Area 51. Again, this game is all about intention and breaking the mold. If it were on the 360, it’d be FPS #three gajillion. For a Wii game, though, it’s borderline groundbreaking. Game’s out in Q1 2009; trailer below.

And by the way, this game is publisher-less.

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  1. June 22, 2008 2:09 pm

    I am more excited about the game engine they created rather than the game. I think they are too. It seems to me they want to make a game that shows off the engine more than their in dept storyline. At least that means they will add as many features to the game as possible to wow us. If they can executing it well then we may see some greater games to come from the engine and maybe the studio.

    I am curious to see the editor to compare it to Unreal and Hammer, but thats not my bag anymore these days. I am sure if I had a Wii dev kit I would lock myself up and build some game levels again, but debugging and testing is the pits.

  2. June 25, 2008 2:56 pm

    I think the engine, as frisby said, is the real “person of interest” here. While I think it is great that there is going to be an FPS for the Wii, I really see it as more of a vehicle to show off the graphics engine. And since I really do not care for shooters, I will be interested in seeing what other developers do with the engine.

  3. July 6, 2008 6:32 am

    What they said. Engine good.Game? Maybe not so bad.

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