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Battle of the big pubs — Metacritic

May 26, 2008

Apparently, the yokel who made this other graph screwed up our picture by using Gamerankings. Lord knows, if you wanna make graphs and charts about review averages, make ’em with Metacritic. As did the non-yokels at EED&R.

The first graph shows each major publisher’s average Metacritic score. As you can see, no publisher broke into the 80s, electing to not part with their long hippie hair and psychedelia. Also, Nintendo is atop the heap, with Microsoft second and Sony 5th. Only current consoles were considered for this graph; no PS2, no PSP, no DS, nothing like that.

Before you go ahead and pretend those bars are multi-colored penises, a few items of note:

While Nintendo is 4 spots higher than Sony, their averages are only separated by two points. The top 5 essentially boil down to Nintendo and a couple of two-way ties for second and third place. At first glance, you’d say, or expect me to say, “the hell is Nintendo doing on top?” You’d be in your right mind to do so, matter of fact. But notice that bit of info under the title. I presume that a great deal of Wii shovelware (and others) from $39.99 and down weren’t included, trimming some unsightly fat from Nintendo’s blue bar in the graph.

Next are the review score ranges for each publisher.


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  1. June 2, 2008 6:53 am

    I knew renting a Sega game or any Wii game for that matter is like playing Russian Roulette. This just proves it.

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