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Crisis evaded until further notice

May 20, 2008

Maybe you should sit down for this…

In 2006, ’round 2 years ago to the month, Nintendo was tit-deep in E3 showing of their “Wii” and its games. At the time, there was a somewhat even split between games aimed at Nintendo’s new casual direction, and consolation prizes for the core fans such as Disaster: Day of Crisis. Disaster was a little promising, under construction at Monolith Soft, makers of Baten Kaitos, Xenogears (kinda) and Xenosaga. When a few screenshots showed up at the tail-end of last year, it seemed like the game was coming along slowly but surely.

Now, the soothsayers at Nintendo tell us that we will be safe from disaster and peril for quite some time. At least until August. reports:

According to a Japanese press release sent out by Nintendo, the release date for Monolith Soft’s Disaster: Day of Crisis has been delayed and pushed back from its original July 2008 release window in Japan.

The game is now set under TBA status. This means that the game won’t have a release date until further notice.

According to the press release, the game’s development period was extended in order to increase the quality of the finished product. They didn’t specify what was wrong with the game, however…

I suspect there was too much tranquility in the current build, forcing the developers to implement a mall rent-a-cop minigame to keep the protagonist busy.

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  1. May 23, 2008 1:18 am

    First project hammer, now this?

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