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Wii shortages not a scheme

May 17, 2008

We’ve heard the anecdotes. “I’ve been to every Walmart in my city, and none have Wiis!” Yea yea, who cares about your isolated town. But it comes from a lot of isolated towns, and as such, many on the internet have been skeptical of the situation, claiming that Nintendo might be employing some stealthy tactics to stoke up demand.

Skeptics, point those fingers elsewhere. Nintendo’s Dervin Camden is here to clear up this fog of console war:

The fact is that we have put far more product on store shelves worldwide than our competitors. The difference is that in a very short time we have far outpaced their total sales… There is no benefit to Nintendo in not having enough product on the shelves to allow everyone who wants one to be able to buy one, which begs the question, ‘Why don’t you just make more?’ Please understand that the Wii console is a complex electronic device featuring one-of-a-kind components from different suppliers around the world. Many things factor into our being able to effectively increase assembly and shipment of a product without compromising quality control.

I don’t think that they purposely bottleneck their supply chains to keep demand flaring, but i don’t think they’re rushing to meet it neither. Though do keep in mind that Nintendo recently reallocated U.S. shipments to Europe, which one could safely assume is a result of the weak American dollar.

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