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Adult non-gaming

May 12, 2008

This is not the type of non-gaming we usually associate with Nintendo. Doesn’t refer to sex, either. Today, we’re talking about grown up gaming, otherwise known as “real” non-gaming, aka not gaming at all.

I wouldn’t call myself a real self-supported adult quite yet, but my gaming time has shrunken as i’ve gotten older. College being the number one perpetrator, with a bunch of other activities singing backup. Up until recently, i wasn’t gaming much. But my gaming digression occurred more as a result of other things creating in me a diminished interest in gaming rather than a too-busy schedule.

All the Intendo writers are older than me and have either a job or some school they attend, so i’d like to know how they prioritize their gaming time to accommodate, if necessary. But what about the rest of you folks? Is gaming on the backburner? Or do you fit it into your lunch breaks and add loved ones to the fold?

Inspired by a Kotaku post of a GameSetWatch article. (Doesn’t that guy in the pic look like Tommy “Midget” Tallarico?)

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  1. May 13, 2008 2:11 am

    There was a point in time where I just gave up gaming altogether. This was when the PS2 came out and I got my first girlfriend and college was taking up a lot of my time. I would find some time to game on the PC every now and again but it never took hold of like in my high school and early college years until a couple of years back when I bought a used gamecube.

    A month after that I got life threateningly ill so I had to stay home for the most part, playing and finishing Resident Evil 0, Metroid Prime, not quite finishing Rogue Squadron and Viewtiful Joe, and playing Double Dash with the ex. By the way, Mario Kart DD equals best game made for couple ever.

    Afterwards I bought a friend’s old PS2 and hoarded his library of games, and played through a ton, including the onimusha trilogy and assorted RPGs. Recently though I’ve been working a lot and haven’t felt like playing games as much. I attribute this to…you know what, I’ll fucking write a post about this instead.

  2. May 13, 2008 10:55 am

    Funny, I was thinking about the exact same thing over the weekend…

    I find myself this past two years with less and less time to play video games, even though I crave it. But when the time comes to actually sit down and play, usually around midnight, I’m totally bushed! My little girls haven’t got into video gaming quite yet, so we spend time together playing other, more “tangible” games, like building castles and playing horsey.

    But I started gaming the opposite way: it was AFTER college that I really got into it… after landing a more stable job with a more predictable schedule. I also had more access to video games at reasonable prices in the U.S., so it all makes sense. But children will take away most of your sacred gaming time, at least until they get into games themselves. And sometimes I wonder if this new generation will get into video games that much, at least in the “hardcore” sense… it might be all casual games from now on! SCARY!!

  3. May 13, 2008 5:37 pm

    …sometimes I wonder if this new generation will get into video games that much, at least in the “hardcore” sense… it might be all casual games from now on!

    That deserves a write-up, right there!

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