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PS3 shuffles into European 2nd place. Should Wii be worried?

May 6, 2008

Sony’s PlayStation Day London ’08 brought with it a prophetic fulfillment in regards to the PS3’s position in Europe. David Reeves speaks:

I am delighted to be able announce today that we have sold more PlayStation 3s throughout Europe than Xbox 360 – even though they launched sixteen months before PS3.

These numbers [he also announced PS2 has sold 48 million in Europe, and PSP 12 million] are a testament to the strength of the PlayStation brand throughout our region, the ever-increasing number of titles being launched, the rich content on offer and its appeal to different demographics and cultures.

The man is pleased as punch. It was only a matter of time, frankly. The Xbox angle doesn’t have any legs, in my eyes, compared to either of its competing machines (less so Wii than PlayStation). For a little more perspective, keep in mind that Microsoft not too long ago slashed 360 prices across Europe. Wii, as far as i can find, is only a little bit ahead at 6 million, getting its heels nipped at.

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