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Capcom gets their own artwork from IGN

April 23, 2008

This is funny it’s so stupid.

As we’re all sick of hearing, Okami is now on Wii consoles, to the delight of many a petition signer. Capcom has no problem porting last round gems to Wii. But how much thought do they put into their re-releases? Well…

For a game that rides on artistic chops as much as Okami, this is a pretty bad F-up. Several of you mentioned that there is an IGN watermark on the box art picture. More or less, the background under the wolf was formed by a hi-res shot lifted from IGN’s site.

Several readers tipped us, including Riven, who supplied images from NeoGAF. And Crecente just emailed to say, yup, it’s on his box, too.

This is on a retail box. Wow.

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