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LostWinds deserves your attention, it seems

April 17, 2008

The whole Wii Ware trip is flying me by, simply cause i’m not too interested in bite-sized downloadable games for a system that already provides them by the vanloads at retail. Plus that lacking a hard drive thingy. On top of nothing worth noting coming to light yet, My Life As A King being a badly-disguised microtransaction machine.

But Kotaku shines the light on LostWinds, a WiiWare title that is increasingly getting its word spread around. I’ll let them tell you why you need to turn your head its way, if only a little.

LostWinds looks to be rich in puzzle solving and platforming, a winning combination that doesn’t seem to be represented elsewhere on WiiWare. Add to that solid gameplay mechanic a gorgeous artistic design that evokes warm memories of Ico, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and various Square Enix classics, and Frontier [the developer] may very well have a hit on their hands.

LostWinds is innovative, especially easy on the eyes and the clear product of high production values, making it one of the most high anticipated titles to appear on Nintendo’s system, regardless of how it’s being delivered.

Click over to read the rest of their impressions and have a good day. Take it breezy.

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