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E is the new M

April 17, 2008

GameProFamily“, GamePro’s game-lawsuit-impeding sidekick, has a list of 13 E-rated games — as voted by the ESRB — that are getting away with pure, unadulterated, pixelated murder. The more you know, people.

Professor Layton

I’m sorry, what? A 10 year-old boy is traveling the countryside with an old professor he has no relation to? By all the ESRB’s guidelines this is an E-Rated game with no objectionable content. Players step into the role of Luke, a young boy who solves riddles and puzzles and gets praised by his older professor friend. Though the content is not explicitly M, the thought of a young boy traveling the countryside with an old man is as creepy as an alter boy sharing room in a confessional booth with a priest.

Twelve more games in sheep’s clothing are lurking. Do you know where your children are? Or are you that much of a deadbeat already at barely 30?

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  1. April 17, 2008 2:44 pm

    I remember scratching my head when I discovered that a good way to earn money in Pokémon Saphire was to go to the underground casino and bet it all on the slot machines! The worst part is that, unlike the real thing, the odds in this casino were on YOUR side, which gives toddlers a very wrong impression of what Las Vegas is really like…

  2. Amanda permalink
    January 9, 2009 10:32 pm

    I must disagree with this opinion. Though adults minds have already been exposed to sleaziness and tend to be in the gutter, children tend to not think of these things. Over speculation through the impure mind of an adult can greatly skew facts. Professor Layton has no implications of a sexual nature. The developers of the game even made it so that the characters lodged in separate rooms. It’s easy for any adult to find flaw in something completely innocent and turn it into something vulgar. If we made up implications and viewed everything under a microscope, I’m sure most cartoons, movies, and games would be off-limits to younger individuals.

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