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Pitch to Ryan: Peekaboo Pole Dancing Wii

April 16, 2008

While Ryan’s toiling away on Elite Beat Agents 3: Patapon Edition for the N-Gage, us in the real world are busy expanding audiences and revolutionizing industries (busy bees!). Our latest shimmer of brilliance comes from Peekaboo Pole Dancing, who suggest someone buddy up with them to make a Wii pole dancing… i guess, simulation.

You can fit this into your packed development schedule, right Ryo? Prioritize! You’re always yammering about how Nintendo needs to “grow a [farking] pair of [bowls].” Let the window washers take care of your other project.

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  1. November 7, 2008 8:46 pm

    Wait a minute… Am i wrong or is that a fuckin guy on the right there in blue? Yee-ikes.

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