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Casual dollars fund Nintendo’s new apartment

April 15, 2008

Nintendo loves casual revenue, and the casual gamers love giving it to them. They’ve afforded the large N the opportunity to relocate to rebuild this new place, which is either in the San Fran Bay, or in New York the City. I’m doubting New York, based purely on the road and property layout. Plus the NWS is already here, which is kind of a feux-headquarters, to the Nintendo serfs anyway. Can’t risk Ninsaturation, now can we? in Redmond, same site as their current headquarters. They skimp on shipping and moving as well as their consoles’ features, so they’re staying right where the hell they are.

Wonder what they’ll put in the building up top that has yet to be demolished. The serious gamers’ hopes and dreams?

[Note: i should read the feed contents sometimes.]

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