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PSP grabbing the young teen demographic

April 7, 2008

Hey kid! You like this right? PLAY WITH IIIT!

Typically you’d think this is where the DS or GBA would reign. But please, kindly turn your attention to the PSP. According to the grand fox hound Hideo Kojima, Japan’s 13-15 year-olds are enamored by the system, and it caters to a whole separate audience than the PS3.

I don’t know if I should say this, but we found out that Portable Ops, for instance, in Japan especially, has totally different target groups that the MGS series on the console platforms. Namely, the middle school students, from 13 to 15, are really fanatical with the machine itself — look at Monster Hunter Portable, for instance. So if I were to, I would like to continue with this, to aim at those middle school students because they are so interested with MPO right now. I would continue to try to reach them.

I have a son in that particular age group, the 13-15 year old age group, and he’s been with me watching me create the Metal Gear series. But he has always criticized it: ‘Oh, Metal Gear is such a s****y game.’ Until the point I released Portable Ops. So these kids are really into these handheld machines, and my son is really into Portable Ops as well: the use of the WiFi, the ability to play anywhere, bring it to school, etc. So it seems like the middle school kids are really, really having fun with the PSP. It might not be the Metal Gear series, but I would like to consider this audience because it’s very important and new.

Compounded with the reality that PSP is now getting used to selling more units than everything else put together, looks like PSP is finally making strides, muh’friends. 3 years after the fact. Commence DS suicide watch.

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