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Link and Zelda cameo in fourth Lord of the Rings

April 2, 2008

not link

Believe it.

I don’t know if Peter Jackson is directing, then again i’m not a LotR fan so i don’t give much of a shit. However, Nintendo are going willy-nilly with those profit dollars and have thrown them into putting Legend of Zelda in what seems to be a prequel (sequel?) to the Rings trilogy. Both parts of that are news to me. Actually i kinda breezed through the article, so everything i’ve said up to this point and beyond might be factually false.

Hit IGN up for the official first trailer, as well as commenters who are either too young or too thick-headed to get this is a prank and have literally vowed to wait and see until April 1, 2009 if this is real or not.

For all i know, it could be the next Zelda game. Didn’t know Wii had it in it.

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  1. April 2, 2008 2:33 pm

    Cool. Looks like Michael Jackson will play Link.

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