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Easter come early (for the UK)

March 29, 2008

Christmas is cancelled. To the console makers, Easter means money now. E3 will now takes place in September, and all big releases will be released in March. Spring will be the new drought period, April showers be damned.

The Easter weekend a week ago (i coulda sworn Easter was in April) saw all platforms gain significantly on previous weeks (in the UK), more or less. The PS3 and 360 in particular went over huge, leading me to believe they went into hiding on friday, waited on saturday, and came back full speed on sunday. That was a poorly executed resurrection joke. Onto the numbers.


360 – Up 78 per cent
PS3 – Up 73 per cent
Wii – Up 37 per cent
DS – Up 32 per cent
PSP – Up 10 per cent

I have to reiterate that these numbers are probably from the UK, though i’m unsure since the article only hints at it. But the source is MCVUK and they keep mentioning Britishy sounding retailers and such. Reason enough.

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