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Wii is so damn multi-faceted

March 5, 2008

Way way back in the year Twenty Aught Six, i bought a Wii system expecting to swing at things, shake my ass, and twist a little. Little did i know how feature-packed the console actually was.

Today, my eyes have been pried open. And as soon as i wipe off the yellow-green crust from the corners, i’ll be able to read this informative list of 100 Wii features that my friend Amy at VirtualHosting sent me, The Wii Owner’s Toolbox. A few for you:

Create head tracking: The Wiimote can be used for virtual reality displays.
Stream iTunes: Check out this tutorial to learn how to stream your iTunes music library to the Wii.
WiiTube: On WiiTube, you can watch videos made specifically for the Wii.
Create “Special” Miis: Special Miis were created to release celebrity Miis, but you can create your own Special Miis with this hack.
Control your Smarthome: You can use the Wiimote to control a number of things, even a Smarthome.
Play on the Xbox 360: Hack your Wiimote and nunchuck to play on the Xbox 360.
Correct perspective in digital photography: With the Wiimote, you can record the pitch and roll that a photo is taken at, then use these values to tilt the image appropriately.
Play air guitar: Rock out with your Wiimote using this hack.
Play air drums: If guitar isn’t enough for you, create a Wiimote drum machine.
Track your fingers: Change your sensitivity settings to allow finger tracking on the Wii.
Run Linux: Use a Zelda explot to run Linux on the Wii.

Thanks, Amy.

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  1. March 15, 2008 9:28 pm

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