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Top Spin 3ii announced

February 24, 2008

Before i get to the list of players slated for Top Spin 3, which is all the info on the game so far, let’s take a moment to laugh at the incredibility of the above screenshot, which shows Roddick having a break advantage over Federer. Talk about uncanny valley!!

Ok. Here’s the squad:

* Mario Ancic
* Tomas Berdych
* James Blake
* Roger Federer
* Tommy Haas
* Justine Henin
* Svetlana Kuznetsova
* Amelie Mauresmo
* Gael Monfils
* Andy Murray
* Rafael Nadal*
* David Nalbandian
* Mark Philippoussis
* Andy Roddick
* Maria Sharapova
* Nicole Vaidisova
* Caroline Wozniacki

Classic legends**

* Boris Becker
* Bjorn Borg
* Monica Seles

Besides the (male) legends, this roster kinda blows. All the players were in last year’s Virtua Tennis title — which is the reigning king anyway in my view — apart from Caroline Whatever, Philippoussis, Murray, Svetlana and Henin. Where’re the Williamses? Where’s gotdang Santoro? Where’s Gasquet? Where’re the American Redwoods — Isner and Querry; and the sequoia known as Ivo Karlovic? Where’s Oz Open finalists Tsonga and that bastard Djokovic? Where’s the rest of the Serbian dream team? What the hell is Philippoussis doing in this game anyway?

Too many wheres, not enough whys. Please save me Virtua Tennis 4.

* Nadal is only available on the PS3, which makes that the platform of choice for the game. Yay me!

** Legends aren’t available on all versions. That pretty much means don’t expect them on Wii. Aww! 😦

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  1. February 26, 2008 2:36 am

    You mean I won’t be able to play Top Spin on my Wii using my Mii??

  2. February 26, 2008 4:26 am

    Well, the Williams sisters haven’t been as dominant in the past years, so maybe that’s why they’re not there anymore. Or conversely, since they’re kind of a property even off the court, they might have been more expensive to add to the list.or someone may have snapped the rights to their game licensing rights. Remember how michael jordan wasn’t in many a SNES and genesis era basketball game?

  3. February 26, 2008 2:52 pm

    You’re right Rye, but how does that explain Mark-goddamn-Philippoussis?! Yea i think it’s more of a money thing.

    Also i think that some of the lesser names are in there to appeal to their respective countries. That’s kinda gay since it doesn’t even include the full top 5s of either sex. The exclusivity of Nadal to the PS3 version is a little weird, too. But i suppose that’s Sony making moves to help their version have a leg up in Europe and elsewhere, which is great because he’s still damn popular. I don’t care for him anymore, personally.

    I just hope that they improve on the formula from the first Top Spin, i heard the second one wasn’t as good. And i’m so sick of the current Virtua Tennis (PS3/360; the GBA one is better somehow), i need the sim play from this series again. I crave realism. And online play!, from the — let’s face it — real version(s). Fingers genuinely crossed for the Wii version to finally provide us with a real motion tennis game, even if it won’t have all the players listed.

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