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Nintendo v Sony: the truth is in the fansites

February 21, 2008

In my previous post, a Blogshit Insane entry, i tackled the inhumane treatment of italics in the blogging media. Today, i share my experiences out there on the big scary blogs and my observations of how they reflect the standings of the companies they fanboy. Fanboy is a verb now, says i.

I visit Joystiq’s Fanboy sites for all of my game news, and they have got some serious italics violators. Interestingly enough however, and i know this is convenient to my preference of PS3 over Wii, but WiiFanboy’s staff are the most guilty of these crimes against emphasis, especially when stacked against PS3Fanboy, which i visit the most. I think this says a lot about the nuances between each company’s fanbases and the volume of interest for their respective consoles.

For instance, very few of PS3fanboy’s posts generate comments that remain in the single digits. Conversly, Wiifanboy’s content rises mostly from arts and crafts or peripheral news, such as controller grips and cakes and clothes, and hacks. Needless to say, those don’t produce much discussion. Their highest traffic posts are usually polls or giveaway contests, neither of which state much about the quality of the Wii experience. An average WiiF post might top out in the 30 comment range, whereas their PS3 cousin’s normally surpass 50. PS3F regularly has info about their premier inhouse stable, developers committing to the platform, community developments (it being fully connected and all), sales momentum, not to mention juicy-ass rumors. It’s good to be the underdog.

In this sense, PS3Fanboy is more of a gamer hub and WiiFanboy is more of a culture club. I figure the overabundance of snark on the Nintendo centered Fanboy sites is a direct result of this, moreso than the demographic of their userbase. (This would explain J-dog.) Let’s not forget the fact that Wii, despite being top seller, is still snubbed as a third-rate console, even by me. Not that i think it is a third-rate console, but Nintendo likes to treat it like one and that effects my experience with it.

So, that was me — what’s your experience been like? Are Nintendo sites as overcompensatingly snarky for you as they are for me? Are Sony/MS blogs generally less or more snide in contrast? I want names and numbers, people. Names and numbers.

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  1. February 21, 2008 12:20 pm

    I find Nintendo fan sites far more preoccupied with the competition than, say, Xbox 360 fan sites… The Xbox fan sites don’t even acknowledge the existence of other consoles (well, the PS3, occasionally), and Nintendo fan sites are usually on the defensive about the quality of Nintendo platform games against the ones in other consoles.

    This is probably because NIntendo is still lagging behind the competition in all counts except controller innovation and fun factor in handheld games. That, and it seems like about half of current Nintendo console owners own also a 360 or a PS3, which begs the comparison.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    April 14, 2008 12:41 pm

    i want to know the price

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