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Suda’s back in the saddle again

January 24, 2008

With NMH being Wii’s beacon of hardcore hope as well as a postmodern devil of a game, Suda 51 is wearing orange shades in the fickle industry spotlight. Lucky for his rockstar ass, it may be fixed on him for most of the year thanks to two DS remakes of his earlier, lesser known titles.

The Silver Case (and The Silver Case Ward 25) is an adventure game originally released only in Japan in 1999 for PS2.

In 1999, there exists an area called the “24 Districts”. A series of mysterious and bizarre murders happened there. Detectives of the High-degree Murder Division(HMD) in the 24 Districts Police Department investigated the case and pinned down one profile of the well-known murderer, Kamui Uehara who assassinated many key government figures one right after the other several years ago. However, wasn’t he shot to death by Kusabi, a veteran detective of the HMD? Did the deadly murderer return to life? Or….!? The detectives of the HMD are tracking the murderer who vanished into the 24 Districts.

This adventure game presents its images by the unique expression method named “Film Window” while the story proceeds by reading text. All necessary information and images for the story’s procedure or presentation such as 3D CG, live-action images, 2D illustrations, motion graphics, typography, texts, etc. are constantly changed and displayed in the Film Window that is automatically opened and closed.

I’ma call this a “game noir”, only because there are detectives involved. That’s all i need, really. And the noir-ish artwork there. No release date other than 2008 is set so far, but it is definitely coming to North Am, probably as 2 games in 1 DS card.

Flower, Sun, and Rain was released in 2001 for the PS2.


Sumio Mondo is a man making a living as an assassin. He arrives on the resort island of Lospas and takes a room at the F.S.R. hotel after being tasked with detecting and defusing a time bomb, planted on a plane which is soon to leave the island’s only airport.

On the way to the airport however, Sumio encounteres other hotel guests and island residents requesting his help with various problems, including searching for missing items. While Sumio is distracted by them, the airplane with the bomb on board takes off and explodes, crashing into the island.

Next morning, however, Sumio awakens in his hotel room and discovers that something strange has happened. He has not even headed to the airport yet and the airplane explosion and crash have not happened yet, either. Sumio attempts to head to the airport to prevent the explosion. Again, however, other people who need his help appear, distracting him long enough to lead to a repeat of the previous days explosion, and Sumio once again awakens in his hotel room before any of the days events have taken place.

That Sumio guy looks just like Garcian Smith. In that they both wear suits.


Players control Sumio Mondo, the “assassin”, to seek people’s items in a seemingly-endless loop. Sumio uses a suitcase-shaped versatile instrument named “Katherine” to solve the mysteries about the people’s items. Sumio can crack any secret code by using Katherine with a “Dial” for inputting numbers and a plug compatible to many specifications around the world. The player will discover some hints from what people say, combined with a tourbook of Lospas Island to input numbers into “Katherine” to crack the codes and find the people’s items. There is a luxurious atmosphere of the southern island resort and the hotel, with waves of unexpected mysteries, and witty, characteristic – but sometimes poisonous – characters’ lines.

This game isn’t confirmed to be getting an American localization, but chances are good.

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  1. January 25, 2008 1:59 pm

    I tried to get No More Heroes this week and was told it sold out already!

    Congrats to Suda, looks like his game deserves the lime light…

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