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Your Mom Plays Wii. Sick Burn

December 19, 2007

Nintendo in Canada is pushing “Family” Wii sessions with their “Get Up and Play” campaign.The site endorses you to “Post a badge on your blog, Facebook page, or MySpace!”


Where the hell is dad at? At work busting his ass so you can all giggle and waste your time playing freaking Wii and pissing him off further by taking the time to post these damn badges on your social network page!!!

Here is what they should say…


Sometimes marketing makes me sick. If you see a page with this badge, you know what we must do. Ever see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Remember how Jay and Silent Bob went around the world representing door to door. Watch out for the Intendo Crew.

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  1. December 19, 2007 2:02 pm

    I don’t know… maybe the dad is the one sitting down behind to the right of the mom?

    One thing’s for sure… dad is playing on his 360, and has no time for these stupid casual games!!

  2. frisby permalink
    December 19, 2007 5:34 pm

    Now that…is a sick burn!

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