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My Etrian Oddysey Episode 1 : Firing Troubadours

November 28, 2007


Since Etrian Odyssey seems like it’s a game I’ll be playing for months to come, I thought I’d introduce a new section in Intendo called “My Etrian Odyssey”. It’s basically me telling you about the shit that’s been happening in my game in storybook fashion. It’s been about a month since I’ve started playing the game, so a little recap is in order:

Day 1: Have arrived in Etria. There’s a big hole here, and people are paid money to go into it to draw maps. I have recently run out of money from whoring and gambling, so I decide to try my luck with cartography. I’m told to sign up at an adventurer’s guild if I want to go down the hole, so i dutifully present myself and enter the name “Ryan” in their ledger, and “landsknecht” as occupation. Landsknecht are supposed to be warriors, good with sword or ax, and always at the front line of a party. I am no such thing, but I do have an ax so I suppose that’s good enough.

Looks like I’m not allowed to go in alone, so I pick out some “adventurers” who look like they might be useful in a fight. Aissa is a Dark hunter. She like whips and leather, and dresses like a hooker to distract enemies. Chris is a Protector, which means he wraps himself in armor and carries an enormous shield, quite obviously overcompensating for something. Mapet is a Medic, obviously for healing because she’s damn near useless with that stick of hers. Miriam is a troubadour, who dances and sings and cheers us on to heights of bravery. Thought she’d be good for a laugh.

We’re off to the forest now after having met with some council or other called the “Radha” and told that we’re supposed to map the first floor of the labyrinth before we can proceed. Sounds easy enough.

Day 2: Have awoken in an apothecary after being beaten to a pulp by moles and treerats. Looks like this’ll be harder than I thought.

Days 3-30: We’ve slowly fought our way to the second floor, where we encountered out first FOE, which stands for Fucking Ornery Enemy (my definition not the game’s). After spending another day being revived in the apothecary, I’ve decided that things are going desperately wrong, and drastic measures must be taken. So I fire Miriam.

Day 31: I go back to the guild and hire Elmer, a survivalist. Elmer chops wood, shoots arrows, and moves very fast. I am positive he will be of more use than a troubador. In fact, I’m positive that an empty slot would be of more use than a troubadour. For now, I’ve set Elmer out to chop wood to sell at the local item shop. The monsters in this labyrinth are the kind that don’t drop gold coins when they die so we have to sell items to make any money. Shocking isn’t it? I’d thought it was mandatory for monsters to spit out gold coins at you when they die.

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  1. November 28, 2007 12:21 pm


    I had a similar experience with my Troubadour (but mine is Shakira, thought it would sell better)… They are pretty much useless at first, but don’t count them out: they become VERY useful around the 16th floor or so and then all the way to the bottom!

    And I’m a Landsknecht too, how funny is that??

  2. November 28, 2007 9:18 pm

    Ha! my characters are named after my friends and girlfriend, for extra hilarity. I can imagine a troubadour being useful at some point int he future, but dammit I need the firepower!

  3. November 29, 2007 12:47 pm

    Definitely… Just keep that Troubadour tucked away for later. When you reach the 21st floor, just surviving one F.O.E. attack will boost a new character about six levels!

    Except for Shakira, all my EO characters are named after my family… their mood and looks seem to match! Oh, and my Ronin (yes, I have more than two!) are named after the Ronin in Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai“.

  4. frisby permalink
    November 30, 2007 12:39 am

    The big black guy in FFVII will always be Mr. T. I don’t even care what his actual name was.


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