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Etrian Odyssey Pro tip

November 16, 2007

Just a little update on my experience with Etrian odyssey, as I’ve found out something that’ll really speed up the game for anyone out there getting tired of the dungeon crawling.

Monsters in Etrian Oddysey don’t drop money, so you’re forced to earn money by selling off the items they drop.  While there’s a good balance with earning levels and earning money at the beginning, you’ll start to notice that it takes longer and longer to earn enough money to properly equip your characters as time goes on.

My solution?  A lumberjack character.

Once you’ve levelled up to a certain extent, leave out a relatively weak character, say a medic, and register a new Survivalist.  I tried naming this survivalist “lumberjack” but it wouldn’t fit so I settled for “chopper”.  Now chopper only does one thing good, and that’s chop wood.  So you take that bitch into the forest and just keep chopping wood over and over until you get enough money to buy your peeps the proper items.  If you already have a survivalist on your group with some chopping skills like I do, it’ll make things even better, as you’ll be chopping wood 14 times a day.  Believe me, it makes things a LOT faster, and anything to speed up this game is definitely a plus.

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  1. November 16, 2007 12:30 pm

    Ryan, I have a better method if you want to speed things up at the beginning of Etrian Odyssey

    It is similar to what you suggested, but instead of just one Survivalist, get five! The game allows you to recruit as many adventurers as you want, so take advantage of this (and in this game any advantage you can get you should!): recruit five Survivalist, giving them just generic names like “lumberjack 1”, “lumberjack 2”, etc., and put them all in your party. Then put ALL the initial experience points into “chop”. Forget about Defense, HP, TP, etc… just use Chop!

    Then as soon as you enter the Labyrinth, go 2 spaces North and 1 space East… the wall you will be facing has a secret passage to a clearing that has a chop area in the middle. Go there and chop away! The amount limit you can chop depends on the ability to collect from each member of your party and how many experience points they have in that area, and they accumulate. So, having five Survivalist with all their initial exp points in “chop” adds up.

    After you are done, head back to the town directly the same way you went in. Most of the time you won’t even encounter one enemy, and your loot will be maximized.

    I didn’t use this method because it only helps while you are exploring the first five floors or so, and I discovered it long after that! The game is very well balanced as far as resources vs. items that you need, but while exploring the first three floors the balance is a bit off against you when it comes to collecting treasure. This trick would help a lot!

  2. November 16, 2007 12:32 pm

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the obvious: after you are done with the collecting, go back to the recruiting center and put the Survivalists back in and get a real set of adventurers… you won’t get far with Survivalists with no attack abilities!

  3. November 16, 2007 7:57 pm

    holy shit, thanks man. I avoided getting more than one survivalist because I felt like I needed the front line to protect them. The closet clearing I know of is far to the northeast. Haven’t picked it up since I got home, but I’ll definitely try this out.

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