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Manhunt 2 on Wii…sigh

November 7, 2007


So I go to Wal-Mart looking to spend some of my early birthday money on a game and I see Manhunt 2 just came out. Drop $50 on the game. HA!!! I flip open my phone as the camera pans around me multiple time and as the music builds I ask “Do you have Manhunt 2 to rent?” I get a No. I sigh. I call another rental place. The camera pans around again and I wait for the guy to look. I wait longer. “We have 2 copies” …”I’m on my way.” I slap my phone closed and grab my woman and walk from the store. It blows up behind me. Not really, but you can imagine right.

I get to the video store, grab the game, slam it down. The guy opens it…shakes his head and says “Your sick man.” Since I kind of know this guy I smile and say “Ask me if I’m sick in 5 days.” He slides it into the brown back of shame and I walk out with my woman.

I get home. I slam it in my Wii. The review after the jump.

After all of the hoopla I expect to see some hardcore s**t. I have played it so far and am very unimpressed with the “Controversy”. No Kitten juggling, no puppy kicking, no dead babies, not even Buffalo Bill dancing to Wild Horses asking me if I’d…well actually that did happen in the 4th level Sexual Deviants.




So the game starts off by calibrating your controls. It’s a god idea, but soo cheesy to do. You move the controls in every way possible and when you do you hear some cheesy horror movie sound effects straight from 70’s B-Movies.

After that non-sense you are thrown into a story you don’t understand but can see that the writers are trying to be cleaver. You get no prior story at first, but a scene of an insane asylum prison break. Your supposedly a “Sane” guy and you beat down a nurse for trying to give you a happy injection.

Now you have an accomplice in the game but if its supposed to be a secret that this guy Leo is your imaginary friend, they need to watch Fight Club 5 more times and try to learn some subtlety. I mean you hear this guy talking and he appears around corners in cut scenes.

The game wants you to sneak around and “execute” people by sneaking up on people and going a button mash…err…controller swinging mini game. This would be cool except you have to look in the corner to see the next command and the screen goes so distorted you have no idea how you killed the victim. Great. The game control feels like GTA with the sprinting and everything. Actually it feels a lot like GTA and is no worst IMO. Maybe they cut all of the cool stuff out. You get to hit people with a buzz saw but never turn it on.

Later on you get a gun, but at this point who cares. I am pretty sure this game was better off being AO. With the controversy it would have sold good as an AO. As a M, it is just another video game that is afraid to go, what some would say is too far.

I had this game freeze on me about 3 times too. It this point I don’t know if its the Wii or the game since it was new. Maybe Jack Thompson paid some Indian hackers to find people with Wii’s and shut them down with Wii Connect 24.

Kind of scarry knowing that Nintendo knows what I’ve played now.


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  1. November 7, 2007 3:32 pm

    You might be better off with Super Mario Galaxy, friz… even on the gory body count!

    But, was Manhunt 2 more gory than Resident Evil 4?? In that one you get your head lopped off by a maniac wielding a chainsaw (and this one IS turned on!!), with all the blood fountains that come with it! So, what’s the big deal with this one??

  2. November 7, 2007 5:31 pm

    As always, great article from Friz-B. Happy birthday to us!

    I got Call of Duty 4 as a gift, and it’s not my thing. But it is very incredible how they place you in that situation of being a kidnapped President in the Middle East, or infiltrating an Ocean tanker and trying to escape in time. It’s very believable in an immersive way.

    I was thinking about using some of my b-day money on this sweet lookin 27″ HDTV. You’re welcome to buy it, friz. 🙂 It’s cheap, reliable (so i’ve heard), decently-sized, and cheap. Less than $500! I decided not to cause it’s such a luxurious purchase and i could use the money on other things, but after just playing COD4 for the first time, i think that TV would do it justice. The only thing i’m worried about is standard def programming being unwatchable on it, but it’s probably not that bad.

    Fucking gaming costs too much nowadays.

  3. November 8, 2007 4:27 am

    I forgot to mention the RE4 comparison!!! Yeah, I feel squeamish every time Leon loses his head to a chainsaw. But I guess it would be a bigger deal if you controlled the bag head…and it was made by Rockstar.

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