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Perrin Kaplan: human quote machine

November 2, 2007

Nintendo of America’s Perrin Kaplan is on her way out of the company, but before that, she must get the quotes out of her system. For toxicity purposes. Here are some snips from an interview with Chris Kohler of Wired News.

Regarding the limited onboard Wii memory:

Wired News: At the same time, my memory is full. I went to download the Neo Geo games, and it’s like, “you need x blocks of memory.” So it’s like playing a puzzle game, and I have to look at all my memory and think, what do I not want anymore, okay, I’ll move it over here… And it’s a laborious process. There’s just no plans to change this right now?

Perrin Kaplan: We’re always talking. But if your refrigerator’s full, you’ve got to pull something out and put something else back in. That’s just the normal issue of space. I mean, really, are you using every single thing on there?

WN: That’s a very Peter Moore-ish quote.

PK: I suppose it is. Peter’s my buddy. I like him.

WN: We all love Peter. So getting back to the topic of Wii Ware…

Aw-kwerrrd. More below.

WN: Okay. Super Smash Bros. just got delayed. What happened?

PK: What did I just say to someone downstairs… I’m not calling it a delay. I’m calling it a Smash Bros. Perfection Program.

WN: Okay, go on.

PK: That’s what they’re going to do with it.


PK:…So all I can say is that we’ve said before that things are worth the wait, and Nintendo is a company that always makes sure the quality’s there, we don’t rush anything to market. And of course the intention was to have it come this year, but they really want to perfect it and they’re going to add in a couple of things that folks don’t know about yet, but that they will love.

WN: Does this have anything to do with online play?

PK: Next question.

WN: Does this have anything to do with online play?

PK: No, a different question.

WN: Those are the next five questions.

PK: After those, then.

This woman is insane. Here comes the venom.

WN: What is Nintendo’s outlook on the feeling among a lot of people that the Wii bubble is going to burst, it could be a fad…

PK: People will always say that. There’s always naysayers. I think that the huge amount of demand is evidence that there is no bubble, anywhere on the horizon.

WN: Do you see the Wii as having a shorter lifespan, now, than the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360?

PK: I don’t know that the PS3 has a lifespan yet.

WN: Ouch!

PK: We haven’t seen it yet really begin.

Quotation marks will never be the same once Perrin departs.

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  1. November 2, 2007 5:43 pm

    Think positive: maybe she meant that the PS3 is way ahead of its time!


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