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Dizzy and Excited Over Mario Galaxy

November 2, 2007

I’m about an hour into Super Mario Galaxy now, and I’m excitedly mixed. I have seen just enough to get a taste of potential brilliance to come, and been made motion sick by a video game for the first time.  Now that I am getting past the setup portion of the game, I can already see the fan service it’s going to provide mixed in with the new elements.  Music from Super Mario 3 was enough to stir me, plus the galaxy map that began to unfold showing me just how much there really was going to be in the game.  I think variety is going to be the thing that makes this Mario work.  All the levels in the start are really small and short, but I did something different on each one.  The game seems to be teaching me bit by bit how to play in this new way, and getting me used to running around a sphere.  I couldn’t talk the wife into grabbing the other control to help me out with the games “coop mode”, but hopefully she’ll give it a go another time!  I am really getting the feeling that this will be a game I start off with a raised eyebrow and end up loving.  I’ll let you know how it all works out once I’ve really gotten into the thick of it all!

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