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Bill trampled by masses of Mario Galaxy line-standers in Japan

November 2, 2007

Poor Bill (aka B-ill/Billz on the streets). He strolled down to a Softmap today to get his Super Mario Galaxy on, but nearly ended up hospitalized with a stepped-on toe after being caught up in a mob rush for the game, which came out today over there (official police photo of the scene above). The sheer numbers are breathtaking.

Actually no. Bill wasn’t there, he might’ve been somewhere buying the game, but this photo was taken by Siliconera on their journey through Akihabara, in which they found that not many people skipped work or school to buy the next chapter of the mega-est franchise of them all. Their photo evidence shows few lines for Galaxy, with most queues actually consisting of Ace Combat 6 (for 360) buyers, which also dropped today. Who’da thunk?


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  1. Bill permalink
    November 2, 2007 7:09 am

    I picked the game up from Toys R’ Us on the way home from work. Beat down an old lady to get the last copy. And by beat down I mean take calmly from shelf, and by last copy I mean select one from the stack on hundreds. Will be interesting though to see how well it does at NDP time! Especially after the DS Mario game sold so well for so long.

  2. November 2, 2007 11:24 am


    Is Super Mario Galaxy out already?!? I thought it came out on the 12th!

    I’m really out of touch with Nintendo games since my daughter was born three weeks ago… and I got a 360 two weeks before that!

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