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Nintendo’s beefy online service innovates even further

October 26, 2007

Cause hey, we don’t get real online gaming or anything like that, but at least we can send each other links from the web browser! Aint that right, friz? Friz? Did you get that link i sent you? Frisbyyyy?

The Wii Shop Channel (and its overrated music) is getting a new feature at some future date: e-gifts.

The new Wii Shop feature will allow users to purchase a game (a Virtual Console game, for example) to send as a gift to another Wii owner. The recipient will then be notified of the gift and, once they accept, their Wii will automatically log into the Wii Shop to download the selected game.

That’s right children, you’ll get to purchase 20-year old games for your loved Wii ones. Since it’s not enough that what constitutes an online experience for the Rich N is buying and re-buying ancient software, but soon you’re gonna be buying them for other people. Innovation!

Mr. Satoru Iwata-san:

“We think this will be a breakthrough in encouraging customers to spread news of fun games [other than by?] word of mouth.”

“We also hope to spur more users to connect their Wiis to the Internet,” he added



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  1. October 28, 2007 3:52 am

    Oh c’mon, mention the OTHER wonderful feature – the ability to see what’s on TV!

    Not to WATCH what’s on TV, but you can turn on your Wii in order to see what silly noninteractive entertainments await you in cable-land, and then turn OFF your Wii, so you can actually WATCH. It’s brilliant. Or something.

  2. October 28, 2007 1:03 pm

    So, Iwata-san is actually admitting that most Wii owners aren’t even connecting their Wiis to the internet, much less using it for online gaming! That’s a good 1st step!

    I don’t see people really using their Wii online much until one of two things happen: Either get some original IP on the Virtual Console, or release that MMO Animal Crossing for Wii!


  1. Nintendo » Nintendo’s beefy online service innovates even further

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