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Animal Crossing Wii might be an MMO — Edge Magazine

October 24, 2007

And you know what, in 40 years i might turn out to have been a gaysexual all along, but in the end we’re both just thinking wishfully, aren’t we Edge?

Although, just like me Edge has been tipped off by sources. Japanese, no less. And they’ve already published the following in their most recent issue.

“A Japanese source has confirmed to Edge that the upcoming Wii iteration of Animal Crossing is set to be a social networking MMO.”

Well i sure hope so! I mean seriously, if they pull off Animal Crossing MMO-style on Wii, Warhawk (Halo 3, and TF2) will have competition. I guess only as far as competing for my time, cause there are a million[s of] unsuspecting Wii owners out there who know not what a great online game does to your genetic makeup. It changes you. Now, first thing we need to do is start up a hotline number that they can call to be assisted in conjuring up ways to not look like hypocrites for dissing online as too hardcore and brainstorm for new hates to hate about.

The world is a complicated place, Johnny. We just live in it.

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  1. October 26, 2007 2:00 am

    If it has DS graphics. It would be cool if you hard server planets and little land run things. Nitnendo would NEVER, EVER allow someone to visit your town without you entering a friend code. MMO’s don’t not roll that way.

    Garbage, or a new def for MMO.

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