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Famicom Support Fizzles Out

October 17, 2007

famicom stack

Had no idea they still bothered with it, but it seems that the original Famicom will be losing it’s tech support from Nintendo as of October 31st. So sent in those old Famicons from the back of your closet in now before it’s too late! Also your Super Famicom, Nintendo 64, Gameboy and Gamboy Pocket, because they are also no longer up for repair as well.

It’s really a none issue as any retro game store I have been to, especially Super Potato, has stacks of Famicoms (and the other systems) for sale and probably cost less than the shipping cost of sending your system in. Plus how often do Nintendo consoles even break? Even really old ones? Anyone have an original Famicom from 1983 that still works? Be interesting to hear about.

But what is does tell us is that the virtual console is a success (suckers *cough*), and there really is no need to support olderhardware. They sure hung in there longer than Sega bothered to with the Dreamcast!

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  1. October 17, 2007 8:27 am

    I still run my NES and it’ a tank. Actually I run my wifes now and god knows where mine is, but they all work. I have about 30 games on NES and the ones I don’t own I get on the VC for the convenience of not having to get off my ass to play.

    As far as VC goes, I am thinking about not buying N64 titles. They blow with the classic controller and the Wavebird. I’m thinking about ebaying any carts I really want to play.

    Nintendo has always made quality systems that last. I can say that for sure.

  2. October 17, 2007 9:37 am

    Heh. I kinda wanna buy one for old times sake. My mom gave mine away when I was too young to realize its value. that, and I was blinded by the SNES.


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