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DS Throne Worthy ~ Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

October 16, 2007

To our regulars, all three of you, it’s not news to you that I get down on DS while on the throne.

For about a year now I have been playing Tetris exclusively on DS while occasionally firing up my GBA slot on the toilet. Though it gets old hearing it from me, buy Tetris DS today! I’m down for online anytime.

ANYWAY. I bought my wife a few games for her birthday earlier in the month and one of them was Mario vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis. While being one of the longest names I’ve ever had to type, this game is not much of a sequel to its predecessor.


My lil bro had the first Mario vs Donkey Kong on Gameboy color. I used to play the crap out of that game. Get the purse, umbrella and of course the key, make your way to the door and on towards DK. That game was hard as hell in the later levels and very gratifying to beat. This game however is nothing like its previous installment, and thats not a bad thing. Find out why after the jump.

I don’t endorse many games, but I’ll go ahead and say this is worth the $35. Basically you have 3 Mini Mario toys in each stage you have to get to the door while collecting as many coins and cards as possible. Not too bad actually.

I wont go into the game too much because the story is silly. You are here to do 2 two things. One is a number 2, and the other is to have a good time.

This game is the best stylus-based game on DS, or at least the best one I have played so far. You swipe the minis to make them move left and right, swipe up to make em jump on springs and buttons, tap to stop. Use the arrows to scope out the stage. It’s easy to control. You get time and skill bonus crap at the end of the levels, and at the end of each floor you battle the DK Mini.

It’s an endless minigame basically. While not as gratifying as whooping some 8 year old Asian girl at Tetris on the other side of the planet while crapping, it is pretty fun.

The WiFi is a lot like Elebits. You can build your own level and share it with a friend. If you have a level you want to send me please hit me up. I wish you could randomly download cool maps, but I am sure some freaks have made penis penetration levels you don’t want to see. If you want to see mine hit me up 😉

See you on the throne.


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  1. October 16, 2007 11:20 pm

    This is one of the most underhyped and underappreciated games released for the DS, in my opinion…

    I love everything about the game: the art style, the animation, the sound effects, the stylus play, the puzzle difficulty, the pick-up-and-play accessibility, the music, etc. And my wife loves it, too! The game editor is just the cherry on top.

    But you can download puzzles from strangers from the Wi-Fi server! And those are the Nintendo staff favorites, so they have been checked for “questionable content” (not even Rollin would be able to sneak in a well-hidden “F*** U!” within a puzzle here).

    This is one of the DS titles on top of my “someday I’ll go back and finish it” list…

  2. October 16, 2007 11:53 pm

    Now why the Hal would i do a thing like that.

  3. October 17, 2007 12:38 am

    Cooool about the levels D/L. i could not get on at the time so I assumed like an asshole.

  4. October 17, 2007 1:35 am

    Friz, i will see you on Tet wifi real soon. Let’s get a 4-man going.

  5. October 17, 2007 3:59 am

    i have no friends so I am counting on you. just let me know when.


  6. Anonymous permalink
    May 21, 2008 5:59 am



  7. Anonymous permalink
    July 17, 2008 9:17 am

    hi khhhhhhhhh

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