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We Love Golf Impressions

October 14, 2007

We Love Golf

Back at TGS, another game I got to try out was We Love Golf. (They intended to call it Wii Love Golf?) I made a point of seeing this one actually, as I have always loved golf games. This love goes as far back as Leaderboard for the Commodore 64 right up to the most recent Tiger Woods games. What makes me excited for We Love Golf is that it’s being developed by Camelot Software Planning. I was deeply hooked on Mario Golf for the Gameboy Color, and played it longer than any other game that year. Camelot know their golf games and have made Hot Shots Golf, Mario Golf, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, and Mario Golf: Advance Tour. Strangely after all those Mario Golf games, We Love Golf is more along the lines of Hot Shots Golf. Perhaps they need to save the Mario version for next year.

The game definitely has the look and feel of a Mario Golf game. In fact the only difference I could see at all was that Mario wasn’t there. The only part that concerns me is the swing mechanics. The attendant didn’t really let me play with aiming around much, but it did seem like she had done something like point the remote in a general direction to start off. To swing you would hold the controller out like a golf club then pull it back over you shoulder. But that’s were the trouble was. After doing this you would watch the swing meter and wait for the club on the meter to catch up with your movement. Once it arrived you swing down and try to press A at the right spot on the meter. It didn’t work badly, but I couldn’t help wonder what was the point? It worked just like golf games have for all these years, but with an added useless movement.

Overall I did have fun with the two rounds I played, and I will check it out again. But the more and more I play some of these classic games with added wiggle, the more I wish I could just plug in the classic controller and play like that.

The photo is the towel I got from the nice woman showing me the game. Everyone else seemed just to be getting paper fans, so I guess I got the lucky booth!

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  1. October 31, 2007 3:24 pm

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